Blood Donation Leads To Near Fatal Car Crash Into Ellis Lake

Mary Robertson said she's lucky to be alive. Last Friday, after donating blood, she passed out behind the wheel of her car and crashed into Ellis Lake in Marysville.

Video Transcript

- A good deed takes a new deadly turn for one local teenager. The 19-year-old crashing into Ellis Lake in Marysville. The woman says, she blacked out behind the wheel after donating blood.

- CBS 13's Laura Haefeli is live in Marysville with what happened when the car started sinking. Laura?

LAURA HAEFELI: Well, cars crash into Ellis Lake all the time, but this crash was different. The person behind the wheel was 19 years old. No prior medical conditions, but still, she blacked out inside of a car, she says, she never should have been in.

Donating blood is something she's done plenty of times before.

- To help other people who need it.

- Mary Robertson had the day off from work last week and spent the morning giving a little of herself to help someone else.

- I thought it was a good thing to do.

- Though her 9:00 AM donation appointment didn't go as planned.

- After I donated blood, I wasn't really feeling well, and I almost passed out.

- She says, employees at Vitalant in Marysville offered her snacks and a seat.

- I sat in a chair maybe 30 to 45 minutes. Some almonds, and goldfish, and orange juice. It was pretty good.

- It helped enough, so she left.

MARY ROBERTSON: I was like three minutes, I think, away from where I lived, so I thought I could just keep driving. And I would be fine.

- But when she reached Ellis Lake, everything went dark.

- I passed out. I felt like I blinked, and all of a sudden, I woke up. And I was in the middle late, and I woke up. Because the water was really cold on my feet.

- Able to crawl through her window and swim to shore, she's lucky to be alive.

- I could have been dead in the lake.

- Mary was sent to the ER as a precaution, where doctors confirmed the accident was caused by blood donation.

- If you don't feel well after donating blood, make sure to call someone and pick you up. Because donating blood is a good thing to do.

- And we did reach out to Vitalant. They say, they have rigorous safety protocols in place for donors and ask that donors eat two hours before their appointment. Mary tells us, she did not do that.