Blood donations needed at Cape Fear Valley Health

The health system is urging residents in Cumberland, Bladen, Harnett and Hoke counties to donate blood at one of several local blood drives.

Video Transcript

- New tonight, Cape Fear Valley Health has a critical need for blood donations. They have less than a one-day supply on hand and they're asking the community for help right away.

IAN LAKE: I'm a universal donor. I have O positive blood. So that helps everybody.

- Ian Lake of Fayetteville has been donating blood since he was 18. When we met him two weeks ago he was concerned that Cape Fear Valley's blood donations were down, so he made it a priority to donate and combat the shortage.

IAN LAKE: It's a little time consuming, but it gives me a lot of satisfaction, so to speak, that I can actually do this.

- And now, Cape Fear Valley Health tells us, the blood supply has dwindled even more.

DAVID HUDDLESTON: We try to maintain three days' worth of blood supply for our patients here. And current situation is we're down to one day or even a little bit less than one day of supply.

- Dr. David Huddleston is the medical director for the blood donor center at Cape Fear Valley Health. He says the pandemic has caused their donation numbers to take a hit. But the current number of units on hand is very concerning because Cape Fear is a trauma center and donated blood makes the difference between life and death for patients.

DAVID HUDDLESTON: Gunshots, motor vehicle accidents of any sort, pedestrian accidents. My biggest concern is the fear of having to ration, that somebody needs blood and we're not going to have it on the shelf.

- Dr. Huddleston says they desperately need O positive and O negative blood to help in the four counties they serve. And with the donations down across the country, he's hoping Cumberland County residents help with the need.

DAVID HUDDLESTON: If our patients, or the population locally, isn't giving, we don't have another access site or source to get blood for the patients.

- Dr. Huddleston is hoping people in the Fayetteville area will reach out to Cape Fear Valley Health right now and step forward and donate blood because the need is so critical right now in that are.