Bloodworks Northwest seeing ‘critical’ shortage ahead of holiday weekend

At Bloodworks Northwest, anxiety is running high, as supplies run increasingly low.

This year, the dip in blood donations that comes along with any holiday weekend is especially worrisome as the current blood supply is already at a critical level.

“We know that blood donors are out of town just like everybody else, so we see a dip in blood donation,” said Dr. Kirsten Alcorn, Co-Chief Medical Officer. “It’s part of the reason it’s so critical to donate blood throughout the year, because it builds up that inventory so that we can go through those spells.”

The very nature of holiday weekends isn’t helping things. With so many people having fun with risky outdoor activities, hospitals usually see an uptick in patients who need blood.

Bloodworks Northwest is the sole provider of blood to more than 95% of hospitals in the Pacific Northwest.

At last check, hundreds of blood donations were still available this Labor Day weekend.

For more information or to make an appointment to donate, visit the Bloodworks Northwest website.