Bloomberg jokes 'I hear something happened in Iowa'

Bloomberg, 77, has spent more than a quarter of a billion dollars of his own fortune on TV advertising on an unconventional White House bid that has him skipping early voting states and entering the race on March 3, when 14 states will vote on Super Tuesday.

Ads during the Super Bowl featured the national rivalry between two competing presidential candidates - President Donald Trump and Bloomberg. Both spent up to $11 million each to appeal directly to voters, which was unprecedented in Super Bowl history.

He also said on Tuesday that he will immediately double his already massive nationwide television ad spending and expand his staff after the debacle of Iowa's failure to promptly announce its caucuses results.

As his rivals campaigned in Iowa and New Hampshire this week, the business tycoon and former New York mayor instead traveled to delegate-rich California and general election swing states Michigan and Pennsylvania.

He said he would seize the moment created by confusion surrounding the Monday caucuses in Iowa, where no winner had been declared as of Tuesday afternoon.