Blooming Grove student artist earns state medal

May 13—Each February, the Texas Art Education Association sponsors a Visual Arts Scholastic Event for each of the 20 education service regions in the state of Texas. Student artists participate in an interview and are judged based on the interview and the quality of the artwork. Artworks earning a score of 51-60 receive a district gold medal and are judged again for the top 10% to advance to the state event.

Blooming Grove High School student artist, Colby Carrizales, advanced from Region 12 VASE and competed at the State VASE event April 29 in San Marcos. He earned a perfect score that day and earned a state medal.

This year there were 31,996 total high school entries across the 20 regions. Regional medals were awarded to 21,322 student artists and 2,134 advanced to State. At State VASE, 1,114 artworks were awarded a gold medal including Colby Carrizales. Those artworks were judged again and Gold Seals were awarded to 151 of the 1,114 state medalists. A gold seal is the highest award attainable in this multi-event competition. Scholarships ranging from $100 to $1,000 were also awarded across the divisions.