Blue Angels Fly Over Annapolis Wednesday As Part Of Naval Academy Commissioning Week

The Blue Angels are back in Maryland for Commissioning Week and performed for scores of people who lined along the streets of Annapolis to watch them Wednesday.

Video Transcript

VIC CARTER: Well, the Blue Angels are back in Maryland for commissioning week.

DENISE KOCH: And today, the jets performed for people who lined the streets of Annapolis to watch them.

VIC CARTER: WJZ is live. Stetson Miller tells us all about it. Stetson.

STETSON MILLER: Hey there, Vic and Denise. Yeah, this was really cool. Was my first time seeing the Blue Angels, and I was definitely impressed. And we also spoke with a few families and kids who said this was just an awesome display here today.

- Wow, there we go again, guys.

- Oh my gosh.

STETSON MILLER: An exhilarating display of midair flips and turns attracted thousands to the streets of Annapolis on Wednesday.

MELANIE BETZ: It's such a fantastic show. I mean, just the suspense of feeling the vibration.

STETSON MILLER: Marylanders lined up along City Dock to see the Blue Angels perform their annual flight demonstration just before the Naval Academy graduation at the end of the week.

BRANDON HARRIS: We got to support the Naval Academy. You know, this is a great accomplishment for those who are graduating. And it's just something that makes Annapolis special to see the Blue Angels fly over.

STETSON MILLER: Many say seeing their impressive performance has become a tradition for those who live nearby.

TONY LEWIS: We look forward to seeing it every year, you know? Especially, you get used to the noise.

LEVI KNICKERBOCKER: Just the way they do all the tricks, and they do the spins and everything. They go upside down. It's just really cool.

STETSON MILLER: And for others, it was especially exciting to see the Blue Angels perform this year since they didn't perform in 2020.

MELANIE BETZ: Since we didn't get to see it last year due to the pandemic, so you know, more reason to come out this year.

STETSON MILLER: And this wasn't the last opportunity to see the Blue Angels this week. They'll be back again on Friday for the Naval Academy commencement ceremony at 10:00 AM. Denise and Vic.

DENISE KOCH: Well, Stetson, Vic really wants to go up in one. Could you before you leave go see if that's possible to arrange?

VIC CARTER: Or more importantly, would you fly with them?

STETSON MILLER: Oh, yeah, I'll totally set that up. I'm going to pass on that. I don't think my stomach can handle it. But Vic, I think you'd be perfect for it.

VIC CARTER: Oh, absolutely. I'd love to do it any time

DENISE KOCH: Counting on you, Stetson.

VIC CARTER: All right.