'Blue Bloods' Fans Are Really Going After the Show Because of Episode 2

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Photo credit: Best Possible Screengrab ©2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc.
Photo credit: Best Possible Screengrab ©2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc.
  • Blue Bloods season 12 is in full swing.

  • As much as fans anticipated the show, though, many are unimpressed with (and downright confused by) the second episode.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

If you tuned into the second episode of Blue Bloods last Friday night, then you, like many people, may be scratching your head at how a few scenes were handled. Namely, the ominous envelope and Eddie’s (Vanessa Ray) sketchy behavior.

As a refresher, Anthony (Steve Schirripa) went from Reagan to Reagan with a blank manila envelope that, once he revealed what was inside, nobody wanted anything to do with it — until Pop (Len Cariou), that is. And, in a simultaneous turn of events, Eddie lied straight to Jamie’s (William Estes) face about how she ended up in a downtown hospital.

In both cases, the end result wasn’t nearly as earth-shattering as the scenarios made them seem (the envelope contained an Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) for District Attorney campaign sticker and Eddie was studying to take the NYPD sergeant’s exam). Because of this, many fans felt a bit confused (and even betrayed) by the way the stories were framed.

“I wasn't so crazy about this episode,” one fan admitted in the comment section of a recent Blue Bloods Instagram post. “The issue between Frank and the mayor over the public nuisance charge was silly. Erin's story was unclear. The Eddy/Jamie situation was strangely handled too. Just my opinion. I'll be back next week.”

“Didn't they just have an election of the current DA?” one fan asked, voicing the confusion of many. “I don't get it. Who made up the sticker?” someone else asked.

“Considering the way Danny and Jamie acted when they saw it, I thought it was a picture of Jack with some woman that would really upset Erin, not a sticker of something that she wants,” another fan shared. “It's good that Pops didn't hesitate. Glad I'm not the only one who didn't get it. (Pops playing senile when Anthony showed up cracked me up!)”

Then, on one of Vanessa Ray’s Instagram posts showcasing a snippet from the episode, fans went wild over the episode’s insinuation that Eddie was cheating. Even Donnie Wahlberg (who plays Danny Reagan) wasn’t impressed.

“Yo!!! WTH??!! Is Eddie cheating on Jamie? If not, then why the heck is Jamie snooping in her phone?!?! I’m so confused and troubled by this scene,” he commented on her post, accompanied by a crying face and broken heart emoji.

“Don’t be messing with me Jameko,” one fan wrote, sharing the sentiment. “This clip stresses me outttttt,” another fan commented. “NO WAY! Eddie wouldn’t cheat,” someone else exclaimed.

Which ultimately goes to say, for every negative comment about the most recent episode of Blue Bloods, loyal fans are showing up and out on social media to support the series and its characters. Still, here’s hoping that the next episode is a little less tricky as to what’s going on.

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