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'Blue Bloods' Season 11 Finale

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CBSN Bay Area gets some hints on what to expect during Friday night's season 11 finale of 'Blue Bloods'. Catch the two-hour season finale on KPIX at 9 P.M. PST.

Video Transcript


- Anyone care to fill us in?

DONNIE WAHLBERG: The season finale. It's really unlike any Blue Bloods we've ever done.

- What's going on?

- I'm working a homicide when I recognize one of three perps, Joe Hill.

TOM SELLECK: Joe Hill is Frank's grandson. He's gone on a leave of absence in our stories and he's back.

WILL HOCHMAN: The challenge Joe finds himself undercover trying to bring down a ring of illegal guns.

- Oh, run.

TOM SELLECK: In one way or another each Reagan has something to do with trying to make sure that Joe Hills OK.

VANESSA RAY: The stakes are high on so many different levels. On a family member level, on a cop level. You'll be holding your breath the entire time. Or maybe you can tell Danny that he's being a sore loser.

- I'm your father not your referee.

DONNIE WAHLBERG: While we were shooting the episode the most difficult and trying time for me personally with my mom. And I was basically alone in a car with Will every day for two weeks. It was a real joy in a really tough time in my life to be with Will.

WILL ESTES: We all know how hard this year has been for a lot of people. We do tackle issues that matter to people. It is the story that I think that people feel connected to. It's got a lot of heart.

- You guys have never canceled family dinner?

- Never, not once, never will, not going to happen.

TOM SELLECK: The audience I think is drawn to this particular family of cops because they're a family.

DONNIE WAHLBERG: I've always said if you come from a big family you can relate to the Reagans if you don't you can live vicariously through the Reagans.