Blue Water Highway Band inspired through its Lake Jackson roots

Blue Water Highway takes their name from the roadway that links their hometown of Lake Jackson to Galveston that fueled inspiration for their music.

Video Transcript

- It doesn't get any better than--

- The name of our band is Blue Water Highway, named after the highway that runs here from Surfside all the way up towards the Galveston area.

- (SINGING) It's all the way evil all around.

- This band was initially started by myself and Greg Essington, who I grew up with. We went to high school together. Lake Jackson was a great place to grow up.

- (SINGING) So come on out to play.

- There's just a lot of great opportunities for musical exploration down here.

- It's in the private music teachers. It's in the public school system. All of our teachers from elementary school all the way to high school have been majorly influential and supportive in everything we've done in the community as well. We really feel like when we come down here and play, we're playing for our family and friends.

- (SINGING) The way it was.

- I have been in Blue Water Highway since the very beginning, so it's been eight years. I think one of my biggest passions as far as creating music is the ability to connect to songs based on the lyrical and musical themes.

- Being on the road with this band is-- they become your brothers and sisters. And that's, I think, how it has to go.

- (SINGING) This is the good part.

- We love coming back to Lake Jackson to play. We play around Austin a lot, but we really tour all around the nation.

- Growing up here to just starting the band, this community helped fundraise our first album. And it's the place where we-- we feel like we're supported the most.

- The Texas tradition, the songbird of the South.

- The Christmas show goes back to high school when myself and my friend Will Hern started it our senior year of high school. And it ended up selling out that original show at $2 a ticket. And we raised some money for the youth home home. Almost 19 years later, we've done 10 versions of that show.

- (SINGING) Come on raise, though.

- Still try to go back to the roots of being something that helps out communities, helps out charities, and all the places that we perform. There's such a community here it deserves being talked about, separate from just the greater Houston area. It really is something special.