Blueface Arrested In Las Vegas Court For Alleged Robbery

Rapper and reality star Blueface was arrested in Las Vegas on Wednesday (June 7) for an alleged robbery, while appearing in court for another case of attempted murder.

According to Blueface’s attorney via XXL, “There was a probable cause warrant that had been issued for robbery for an incident that happened last week at the Palms Hotel when he came in to spar with Floyd Mayweather. The incident had to do [with] a cell phone and a fan filming his longtime friend, Chrisean. We are hopeful we can quickly resolve this for him to everyone’s satisfaction along with his current charges.”

TMZ reported that the “Thotiana” rapper’s legal team planned to “vigorously [defend] him on both cases.”

Johnathan Porter, also known as the rapper Blueface
Johnathan Porter, also known as the rapper Blueface, poses for a mugshot photo after her was arrested on charges stemming from a shooting that took place on October 8, 2022 in the 6000 block of Windy Road on November 15, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Blueface’s 2022 attempted murder charge comes from a night at the Euphoric Gentlemen’s Club in Sin City on Oct. 8, where he got into an altercation. Allegedly, a man made jokes about Blueface talking to “some females in a cheap vehicle,” and the L.A. rhymer retaliated.

There are also reports that Blue’s team physically assaulted the man “multiple times,” to which later the man returned asking about what had just happened to him. That’s when the 26-year-old allegedly pulled out his firearm and shot up the man’s vehicle as he drove away. Reportedly, police stated that the victim was grazed with a bullet to his left hand and his vehicle left with bullet holes. Blueface has maintained his innocence.

The alleged owner of the gentlemen’s club claimed that the establishment was forced to close because of Blue’s “gang-related activities” that night. Allegedly, the owner also urged for harsh consequences against Blue such as him spending “the rest of his life in prison” or “pay us until the day he leaves this earth.”

Blueface was arrested a month from the incident and booked into Clark County Detention Center on Nov. 15. He made a $50,000 bail after appearing in court on Nov. 16. As the case remains open, the “Moonwalking In Calabasas” collaborator is also facing another civil suit in connection with the alleged attempted murder. Reportedly, Jasmine Brooks is suing the rapper for allegedly injuring her during the discharging of the gun.

According to CBS 8 News, Brooks claims she “sustained injuries to her body, specifically her face as a result of defendants’ inadequate, unreasonable, and egregiously deficient security of the property.” She’s reportedly seeking a jury trial and more than $15,000 in damages.

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