Board in Aiken offering a custom charcuterie experience

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Aug. 19—Board in Aiken, a charcuterie business owned by best friends Casey Young and Ashley Elvis is providing a one-of-a-kind dining option in the area.

The tandem decided turn the boards they always snack on into a business in the fall of 2019.

"We still can't believe this has happened, we get to work together and have fun and sing and dance, work should be fun," Young said.

The two started working out of their homes and catering and selling on a small scale and opened their brick and mortar location in March 2020.

"We basically grew overnight once the shutdown happened back in March. We thought it would end us but because we are individualized, people can pick it up, we can deliver and leave it on peoples door step, once that caught on we grew overnight," Elvis said.

Traditional charcuterie boards include meats, cheeses bread, assorted nuts, crackers and vegetables. While Board in Aiken sells traditional boards, they also sell a wide range of boards.

"We have a niche, we're the only ones in the area assembling the elements that make a charcuterie board. We are normalizing this sort of fancy way of eating so that it's available to anybody anytime," said Elvis said.

The Traditional Charcuterie board is their most popular, with the Kid Board and Dessert Board following close behind. They also offer different sizes of boards, specialty boards and brunch boards.

"It's a great value to someone because by the time someone goes and shops for the items we put on the board preps all the items, they have spent more money than they would have letting us do the work for them," Young said.

The charcuterie boards can also be saved in storage containers, and there is "pizza box" option on the site which is easy to stick in the fridge and more ideal for travel.

The business offers pickup, but they also deliver in the CSRA and it is best to order a day in advance at least, Elvis said. This gives them time to buy all of the items, prep it and complete the order.

Customers can buy boards for dinner at night, weddings, gatherings, meetings, lunch for the company or even lunch for their selves, said Young. Customers can also place their order online or over the phone.

To find out about specials Board in Aiken has its best to follow Board in Aiken on social media. They also have what they call "Fire Escape Chats" when they talk about deals and different topics on their Facebook page.

Board in Aiken is located at 6000 Woodside Executive Court. For more information, visit or call 803-646-8630.

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