Board of Elections moving forward with new voting equipment

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Jun. 27—NORWALK — The Huron County Board of Elections is moving forward with purchasing new voting equipment.

Cecilia Blevins, board director, said the board decided to purchase new voting equipment during a special meeting on June 24.

The board is also planning to consolidate multiple polling locations throughout the county, but this has not been finalized yet. Blevins said the decision should be made by the board's July meeting.

The board heard from county residents on June 24 about these changes.

"We listened to all that came in and what they had to say," she said. "We haven't made a final decision, there are a few more things that need to be in place yet."

Blevins said many who came to speak were upset with losing their polling locations and didn't feel it was right they would have to travel further to vote on Election Day.

"With all the different opportunities to vote, they will still be able to vote on Election Day, just at a different location," she said. "People travel all the time for things, like groceries or work. To travel another 10 miles is not voter suppression."

People still have the right to vote, Blevins said, but it is the responsibility of the voter to do so.

She said if they don't want to vote on Election Day, they may vote by absentee or vote early at the Huron County Administration Building.

"I know people were upset, and that wasn't the purpose of us consolidating. We needed to do that to save the county some money," Blevins said. "With all the changes we've made at the office, it was time."

She said they've spoken with other counties that have consolidated polling locations.

"The secretary of state suggested we do this many years ago. We're one of the last counties to do it," she said. "It makes it easier on equipment and poll workers. The new equipment will be much easier for poll workers to use, it's going to be easier for everybody."

Polling locations

Bellevue 3, Bellevue 4, Lyme Township and Sherman Township will now vote at VFW, 6104 E. U.S.20, in Bellevue.

Fairfield, Greenwich and Norwich Townships will now vote at the American Legion in North Fairfield, 523 E. Ohio 162.

New London Township, New London Village 1 and 2 and Fitchville Township will now vote at the Hileman Building at New London Park, 8 Blake St., New London.

Ripley and Greenwich Townships and Greenwich Village will now vote at the Ripley Church, 4130 S. Edwards Road, in Greenwich.

Townsend and Hartland Townships will now vote at the Townsend Township Hall, 2776 E. U.S. 20, in Collins.

Wakeman and Clarksfield Townships and Wakeman Village will now vote at the Wakeman Township Hall, 5153 Ohio 303, in Wakeman.

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