Board game with a "feminist" twist goes viral for all the wrong reasons

A “feminist” take on the classic

board game “Monopoly” released

last year has resurfaced —.

and social media users can’t

stop making jokes about it.

Back in September 2019, Hasbro introduced “Ms. Monopoly”.

The release went unnoticed by the greater internet community, but a viral tweet on May 8 called attention to the game’s baffling ad.

It celebrates female inventors at

the beginning — then turns into a

pitch for the “Ms. Monopoly” game.

“In the Ms. Monopoly game, women get

a higher payout at the start of the game...

and more money when passing go,” the product description reads.

Rather than buying property, “players buy some of the things that wouldn’t exist...

without the innovative women who invented them,” like Wi-Fi.

Perhaps the most criticized element of

the game is Ms. Monopoly herself.

who is described as “Mr. Monopoly’s niece

and a self-made investment guru

here to change a few things”.

Monopoly was actually invented by

a woman, Lizzie Magie, in the early 1900s