Bob Hearts Abishola - I Will Be First

Bob learns about how ambitious Abishola and her family are.

Video Transcript

AUNTIE OLU: Would you like some more [INAUDIBLE] soup, Bob?

BOB: How could I ever say no to you, Auntie.


And thanks again for dinner. If I had to be stood up, I'm glad I could be with you guys.

BABATUNDE: I am sorry. When you work as hard as Abishola, these things happen.

BOB: Ah, it's no big deal. It's just a crazy a couple of weeks for her.

BABATUNDE: That is a good attitude. Cling to that.

BOB: What do you mean?

AUNTIE OLU: She's Nigerian. Until she reaches her career goals, nothing will stand in Abishola's way.

BABATUNDE: No matter how lovable that nothing might be.

BOB: Well, I'm happy for her. I know being charge nurse has been our goal for a while.

BABATUNDE: Oh, it is an excellent stepping stone, on her way to becoming a nurse manager.

AUNTIE OLU: Then director of nursing services.

BABATUNDE: Then hospital supervisor.

AUNTIE OLU: Then chief nursing officer.

BOB: Wow. That's a lot of "thens".

AUNTIE OLU: Yes, it is. And there will be more.

BOB: But you guys have let yourself slow down.

AUNTIE OLU: Now that we are retired, we are enjoying our golden years.

BABATUNDE: Yes. Every day I wake up, I check my stocks over breakfast, then I visit my various real estate holdings-- at least the ones in Michigan.

BOB: I didn't know you own property.

BABATUNDE: Own, manage, maintain. I'm currently in a bidding war for a new quadplex in Lansing.

BOB: Sounds stressful.

BABATUNDE: Not if I win. And I will win, Bob.

BOB: And what about you, Auntie? You running a sweatshop out of your closet?

AUNTIE OLU (LAUGHING): Not a sweatshop. An Etsy shop.

BABATUNDE: All those hand-sewn head wraps and skirts have over 10,000 5-star reviews.

AUNTIE OLU: And one three star.

BABATUNDE: Penny from Phoenix.

AUNTIE OLU: Is it my fault you gained weight faster than my [INAUDIBLE]?

BABATUNDE: Olu is the third top seller, behind a dog clothing company and the cat clothing company.

AUNTIE OLU: But mark my words, I will be first. Then I will expand it to QVC.

BOB: And there's the "then".

BABATUNDE: You are learning.

BOB: And what's on your to-do list, Dele? Cure cancer?

DELE: Yes.