Bob Turk Has Your Evening Forecast

Bob Turk Has Your Evening Forecast.

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BOB TURK: OK. All right, way to go. 82 degrees now. It's dropped a little bit, and the dew point's been low. Down to 59. That is a nice drier air mass, a really pleasant air mass moving in tonight. Now, it's going to be very warm tomorrow, but it won't be that humid. So it'll still be comfortable. Humidity down to 46%. West-northwest winds at 7. The barometer is steady tonight. 86-71 today. Normal's 81 and 59, and record 96. Guess what? We're going to get close to some of those numbers in the next couple days. 46 the record low, 1964.

Right now, 78 Annapolis, 75 Ocean City, 84 in DC, 84 Frederick, 82 in Cumberland, 81 down in Fredericksburg. One lone shower, there it is just past southeast of Aberdeen heading into Kent County there, southern portions of Cecil County, moving in generally toward the Smyrna area of Northern Delaware. That's moving out of the area, with no other showers showing up anywhere in the state now. All the activity is exiting in the Atlantic Ocean, so we're not looking at much happening around locally.

Clear skies overnight tonight. High pressure building in. That high is bringing in temperatures, believe it or not. This afternoon in Central North Dakota, it got up to 105 degrees in northern North Dakota. International Falls, the "icebox of the nation" in wintertime, 100 degrees tomorrow, believe it or not. That's some serious heat. Now, it's not all that humid, but that's pretty high temperatures for those folks. A lot of records are going to be set across the Midwest, even the Northeast, over the next couple of days. As this high builds in, the jet stream is way up in Canada. So the cool air way to our north. That's why this heat has been building. So over the next four or five days, look for some very warm temps.

Futurecast showing everything clearing out. Tonight, any showers are already done. So we'll just say clearing. 64 degrees overnight. Tomorrow, back up to 92. It'll be hot, but it'll be less humid. So it'll still be comfortable. West-southwest winds 6 to 12. By Sunday, we're going to start seeing some increased humidity, so it's going to feel a little more sticky. So we'll say more humid.

But 94, that's close to records. 92 on Monday. Maybe a widely scattered shower late Monday. A better chance Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. 91, 91, 85. And then a little bit better, upper 70s to maybe 82 by the time we reach next Friday. So there's some hot weather, and we start to cool off again by the end of next week. And we'll be right back.