Bob Turk Has Your Friday Evening Forecast

Bob Turk Has Your Friday Evening Forecast

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- All right, we are immersed in March Madness.

- We certainly are. And if you're watching, you may have been immersing yourself all day today as well. Wall-to-wall basketball on the first full day of the NAACP--

- Yeah, Bob Turk has his bracket all busted up.


BOB TURK: Less than 12 hours of winter. That's it. That's it.

- OK.

BOB TURK: OK, let's talk about the weather. 49 now. Humidity only 21%. It's very dry air. Sunshine wall to wall this afternoon. It's going to be with us all weekend. North winds still at 15. The barometer is on the way back up. It's very dry. Humidity really low.

37 degrees and looking cold out there at night. It's going to be chilly here too. But we'll have much lighter winds, 42 in Ocean City now, 50 in Washington, 46 up in Westminster, 46 over in Dover, and 48 in Hagerstown.

This afternoon we got up to 50 degrees. Normal now is 59. Record's 78. This morning, 39. It'll be in the upper 20s tonight, by the way. 34 now the normal low, 12 the record low, 1876. By the way, just keep that in mind. Palm Sunday in 1942, we had 22 inches of snow. Yeah, it can happen. I don't think it's going to happen this year, but it has happened in the past.

Right now we're looking at northerly winds, much lighter than they were earlier, but still a breeze, 15, 13, 15, 17. Late tonight, they'll be down around 3, 4, or 5 miles an hour. But look at these temperatures. Billings, Montana now up to 70 degrees. 61 in Bismarck. 54, Omaha. That warm air is moving in our direction.

In the meantime, just the Northeast now is chilly. Boston, 42. We're at 49. Detroit, 45. Even south of us is kind of chilly there. Memphis at 50. Atlanta at 59. 81, nice and warm there in Miami, but they're actually really dried out.

Low pressure. That's the storm that gave us all the rain, particularly lower eastern shore had over an inch. That is moving away. High pressure building in from the Northwest. That's going to give us some really nice weather into the weekend and next week as it moves over us.

Clear skies tonight. It'll be cold and frosty, but a nice warm up tomorrow. The winds go much lighter. And then over the weekend into next week, the winds go out of the west, southwest. That's going to bring some very pleasantly mild temperatures around the region.

Next chance of rain probably won't come to maybe a shower here on Thursday. In the meantime, enjoy some really nice start to spring weather.

Tonight, clear skies, cold, light winds. 27 degrees by morning tomorrow. Sunny for spring and warmer. Tomorrow starting pleasant at 57. 63-- great weekend. 63 on Sunday, 63 Monday, 65 Tuesday, 64 Wednesday, maybe a shower late in the day. Mild temperatures Thursday and again on Friday, close to 70 a week from today. Enjoy it. Happy spring. Back to you.