Bob Turk Has Your Friday Night Forecast

Bob Turk Has Your Friday Night Forecast

Video Transcript

BOB TURK: All right. Beginning to cool down around the region, down to 37 in Oakland. They'll be below freezing tonight. 51 in Kremlin. We're still at 62, but we did get up close to 70. 62 in D.C., 48 now in Front Royal. South of us, still mild. 71 in Salisbury. Ocean City at 72. Still some shower activity over portions of Eastern Delaware and over Delaware Bay, just North of Ocean City, but hope it's getting some showers. Another batch in northern Virginia.

That said it mainly for the Washington area. It's going to be impacted areas South of Baltimore, and there's some heavy showery activity, but there is no lightning being shown. No thunder or lightning. These are just some heavy showers. A lot of cold air aloft that's churning atmosphere over. And that's what's causing these showers. This is sort of a gust front. We had a lot of wind gusts over 50, even as high 60 miles an hour in a few spots this afternoon. DWI got out to 52 miles an hour.

The high got up to 73. A new one now is 70. Record, 92. 61, the low so far. We'll get colder than that tonight. 47 the normal low, and 32 degrees. 1961, it was freezing this morning back in 1961. Yeah. The last day of April, it got to freezing. 14 mile an hour winds in Ocean City. 20 through here, and 17, 26 late tonight. Most of the winds will be a lot lighter than they've been all day long. But we still have some wind gusts at 47 in D.C. 43, 30, 28.

Still windy out there tonight. Yeah. Garbage cans are blown all over the place this afternoon in my neighborhood. The frontal band, it came through last night, hardly a drop of rain with it. No lightning, no thunder, but there's second front coming through, even though it's not showing up. This is what we'll call a gust front. Colder air behind it, that's what's moving in now. That's what's causing these showers to break out. Later this evening, we'll clear out completely, and then it'll get chilly overnight. But during the weekend, a lot of sunshine on tap for tomorrow, as high pressure builds in.

Back in the upper 60s, a little cooler in this afternoon. And then on Sunday, the winds go right back to the southwest, gets back up into the low, even some mid 80s. That means some cloud cover. But for the most part, it looks like a really nice second half the weekend. Next week, we've got some more shower activity moving in with some warmer conditions. That would be a Monday afternoon, Monday night, maybe some thunder there, as well. Then it will dry out again for the middle of next week. So our forecast overnight tonight maybe clear, but still windy early, clearing after 8:00 or 9:00. 43, winds up to 35.

Breezy and dry, most of the winds in the morning northwest, only 10 to 20. 68 for our high tomorrow. You see the radar there, still show activity to the southwest of us. Seven day forecast, 68, 84, showers again on Monday, then a warm day Tuesday, a little cooler for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. But temperatures getting close to normal by the then next week. A little rain there possible a week from today. Back to you.