Bob Turk Has A Look At Your Friday Forecast

Bob Turk Has A Look At Your Friday Forecast.

Video Transcript

BOB TURK: Right now, we're at 71. It's-- in fact, this is about the warmest we expect for tomorrow, about 70, 71, maybe 72. East winds at 10 off the Atlantic Ocean. That's bringing in this cool air. However, there's still rain south of us. And we may get into some more of that rain, not thunderstorm activity, but we do expect maybe some more shower activity during the day tomorrow, even late, late tonight possibly. Upper 60s to the east. 69, Ocean City. 68 in Dover. 70, 72, 70.

A lot of rain in portions of West Virginia. [INAUDIBLE] had some flooding reported out there, and flooding in several spots locally, of course. Out here, they had maybe as much as five or six inches of rain. Locally, as I mentioned, one, two, as much as three inches in some spots. Although, as I mentioned, the airport only 4/100 of an inch. They missed it completely this afternoon. Around Towson, about an inch and a half. Westminster, about an inch and a third as well. South of us now, still raining over a portion of Virginia. It's not as heavy as it was earlier.

This is just some pretty light rain southwest of DC area, but it may be moving into our region. The big issue is, how far north does this precip get tonight and tomorrow? The models have-- some models have it up as far north as Wilmington, others staying south of DC. So we'll have to watch that overnight. But I do think we have at least a chance of getting some showers. One flood warning continues till 4:00 AM. That is just south of the Annapolis area, south of [? 150. ?] The rest of the region, no other warnings. This is out in West Virginia, and that's where they had a lot of rain earlier this afternoon.

Satellite radar, still have plenty of moisture south of us. This is the warm, humid air. We're now into the easterly flow. Cooler air coming in from the Atlantic Ocean. High pressure over New England. That's pressing southward, so this one should go even further south. That's what we're hoping will happen. Now, look at the Futurecast. OK, 2:00 AM, some rain to the north of us. [INAUDIBLE]. And there's some showers around 9 o'clock, but scattered activity during the afternoon. By 4 o'clock, pretty much done, as you can see. That's the good news. It looks like it really does clear up just in time for Saturday. Should be a pretty nice start to the weekend, hopefully, and pleasant temperatures.

So tonight, still some showers around, mainly cloudy and 66. Tomorrow, much cooler. May not even get to 72, with some showers around, particularly south and west. 82, nice weekend start. Good chance of a thunderstorm Sunday. Warmer next week, at least early on. And then pleasant Wednesday, Thursday. Night time lows back in the 60s, upper 50s. Mainly dry from Monday through the early portion of next week. Back to you.