Bob Turk Has Your Monday Evening Forecast

Bob Turk Has Your Monday Evening Forecast

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- Look outside right now at Federal Hill where you see the flag blowing in the breeze there. It's a beautiful evening.

- It is indeed, and it looks like some of those trees are starting to bloom too, Bob?

BOB TURK: Yes. The trees are beginning to really open up. We had that warm weather, really kicked things into gear. The soil temperature is very important, so once that begins warm up, things start to really grow now.

58 now. That's just exactly normal for this time of the year. Dew point's low. Humidity, very dry air again. Winds West at nine. They'll be calming down tonight, probably dead calm after midnight or so. So we'll be dealing with some chilly temps overnight. The barometer is on the way back up, 30.18.

59, 44 today. Now, look at that. The normal is 58. Our normal low is 37. And we're going to get back in the 30s tonight, which will be just about what we're supposed to be. But look at a record, like that 1945, 90 degrees. That's the first 90 degree day we've had on records for the entire year. 90 degrees we reached here at the end of March, and 18 degrees in 1923, the record low. Quite a range. Sunrise, 6:55. Sets now at 7:28. Yes.

57 over Annapolis, 57 Easton, 57 Ocean City, a colder 45 in Oakland, and 54 up in Westminster. At Elkton, checking in at 55 degrees right now. The winds, much lighter than they were earlier. We had winds 10, 15, 20, 25 miles an hour earlier. Now, down to eight, nine, 10. So late tonight, much lighter winds, but with clear skies and light winds, temperatures will be falling. The dew point's low, drier, so North and West of the city, particularly, not close to the bay and not downtown. We're going to see frost on the windshield tomorrow morning.

And if you're really anxious to get those plants out, it is still way too early, trust me. Last year we had frost after Mother's Day, so you want to wait. If you're in the city you can probably plant annuals around April 20 pretty safely. Higher pressure over there at Richmond that means beautiful day today. Tomorrow, lots of sunshine. Eventually the high will begin to move off. That will bring that frontal boundary to the West, approaching the region. That'll bring us some clouds tomorrow night, yes.

As we head into April, scattered showers and rain, even some snow North of us sometime Thursday into Friday. There will be some snow in the. Poconos Garrett County did see a couple of inches, believe it or not. As cold air comes in behind that low pressure, it will get certainly Colder for Thursday and Friday. This week will be ending on a very significantly chilly note, but a warm up just in time for Easter and the weekend. That's good news.

So tonight, clear, quiet, and colder. A low of 36 with much lighter winds overnight, so it'll be quite chilly in the morning but not a lot of wind. Tomorrow, sunny and warmer, a nice afternoon. High of 68, 10 degrees above normal. The rain shower activity, maybe some Thunder, on Wednesday, then it gets chilly again Thursday, Friday. Warming up for the weekend, 60 back up to 70 for Easter, and 68, sun and clouds here on Monday.