Bob Turk Has Your Saturday Evening Forecast

The latest weather for Baltimore, Maryland.

Video Transcript


- All right, beautiful day outside today.

- We have a saying in New Jersey. It's called "the blue skies are winning," Bob Turk. Now, obviously, it's going to be a beautiful weekend.

BOB TURK: You've got sunshine on a cloudy day, trust me. [LAUGHS]


BOB TURK: It was beautiful out there, not a cloud in the sky, warmer than normal after a chilly, frosty start. 57 now. Look how dry it is. Humidity is only 20%. Dew point, 16 degrees. East winds, very light. The barometer is way up there, 30.50 inches right now. Cooler in Oakland, 45 degrees, and cooler by the bay. Annapolis at 49, Ocean City only 45, because the water is still cold, and it takes a long time for water bodies to heat up, believe me. 54 up in Bel Air, 55 up in Hagerstown, 57 in Frederick. And Dean in Aberdeen checked in with sunshine, a very light breeze. 55 degrees up in Aberdeen. 57 this afternoon just before 4:00. 28 this morning, a lot of frost. 55, 35 is normal. On the records, 85, 1945, 12 degrees in 1877.

Check out these temperatures to the west of us-- Chicago 58, Bismarck at 69 degrees now. That is really warm. Just until you get to the Canadian border, some cold air up there. Billings down to 37. Yesterday they were in the upper 60s, by the way. Right now, all this warm air is moving in our direction, so over the next several days, we're looking for temperatures to actually get several degrees above normal. Low pressure south of us, some cloud shower activity in the Carolinas in the afternoon. That's not moving to our region. We've got high pressure. Beautiful weather will continue to dominate our weather until we get to maybe the end of next week.

Take a look at Futurecast. High pressure tonight, means very light winds, another chilly night, not quite as cold as last night. But once this high moves off, that will allow the winds to go back to the west, southwest. That will bring the warmer air in. Eventually, this system out to the west going to pass north of us, probably will bring us a few showers, we think, maybe late Wednesday, probably into Thursday, a chance of some slight chance of showers. But certainly on mild side, temperatures well above normal-- mid to upper 60s. So spring is definitely here. In fact, today we are now 13 hours into spring.

Clear skies, not as chilly tonight, 33, very light winds, practically near calm. Tomorrow, sunny, pleasant, and even warmer, 63. Get outside and enjoy the weather. Saw a lot of people doing some gardening stuff today, mulching. 64 on Monday, beautiful, little warmer. 64 there on Tuesday. Clouds back on Wednesday. Showers probably Thursday, may linger into Friday-- 68, 69. Sunshine and clouds, Saturday. A week from now, 66, 51. So some really pleasant temperatures coming our way for the next week. Back to you.