Bob Turk Has Your Thursday Evening Forecast

Bob Turk Has Your Thursday Evening Forecast

Video Transcript

BOB TURK: A very warm, humid afternoon. Got in the upper 80s. Some spots even get close to 90. And then the rain hit, dropped temperatures. Now 76. East winds at 9. Those east winds are going to keep us much cooler over the next 24 to 48 hours, bringing some air off the Atlantic Ocean. But with that, probably some more showers. Nothing heavy, but we'll deal with some cooler showers tomorrow. The barometer steady now, 29.93 just right now. 69 now in Rehoboth. See the impact of the breeze off the ocean? 81, Elkton, no rain. West of there, all this area, saw tons of rain today. A few spots, three to four inches of rain reported. That's why we had all that flooding.

Right now, the Baltimore region has quieted down. Clear now, some showers, very light activity across Southern Maryland. Now, a little batch through here near Potomac River, southwest of Charles County area, some still good rain down there. Around DC, much lighter. They had some heavy activity earlier. And still some activity in Northern Virginia, but it's much lighter than it was earlier. As you can clearly see, much of Delaware has cleared out.

So tonight, still a chance of some showers, nothing heavy. But we still have those flood warnings from earlier. We had flash flood warnings. They have been shifted now just to what we call an areal flood warning. Still some water in some areas still flowing down some of those rivers. There you go, Northern Baltimore County areas, Northern Carroll County, and much of Northern Virginia, West Virginia still flooding, and east of DC, southwest of Annapolis, and Southern Maryland because of the heavy rain from earlier tonight.

Now, the entire region, except for Delaware and the Upper [INAUDIBLE] Shore, still under a flash flood watch till midnight. I think they'll probably drop that, as the rain is pretty much gone as far as the really heavy activity. Now, during the day tomorrow, high pressure across Maine is going to push a little further to the south. That's going to start bringing in much cooler air and eventually drier conditions for Saturday.

In the meantime, this frontal boundary still across the region means still a focus for more rain activity. Late tonight, still some showers. During the day tomorrow, yes, we'll still deal with cooler temps, but still a risk of some rain activity as that low develops south of us. It'll pull out finally, clearing things out for Saturday. It looks like a good start to the weekend. And then another front coming in from the northwest will bring a scattered thunderstorm on Sunday, it looks like.

Tonight, still a flash flood watch. Otherwise, showers will be tapering off. 66 by morning. Tomorrow at 72, that's it. We'll have some showers in some spots with east winds. 82 on Saturday, but a nice day. 84, maybe a thunderstorm. Next week, upper 70s to low 80s. That's above normal. That's above normal. That's below normal. And that's smack dab where it's supposed to be this time of year. So next week, much better conditions than we had in the past five or six days. Back to you.