Bob Turk Has Your Thursday Evening Forecast

Bob Turk Has Your Thursday Evening Forecast

Video Transcript

BOB TURK: Well, here's some good news. No severe thunderstorm warnings anywhere at this point. I think we're pretty much done. Now you folks on the Eastern Shore, from Baltimore County east, still under severe thunderstorm watch until later tonight. But the weather is improving somewhat.

We still have shower activity east of us, some pretty good thunderstorm activity still going on across portions of southern Maryland, maybe some hail near the La Plata. Baltimore region quieting down, one or two more lighter cells to the northwest, north of Frederick moving up to maybe southern New York and Adams County. This whole batch of rain associated with a frontal boundary continuing to head off to the east-southeast.

Behind it, they'll be some widely scattered showers through tonight. But for the most part this evening, all the activity is going to be along the Eastern Shore, eastern Cambridge, yes eventually Salisbury, Ocean City. Much of Delaware coming in the next hour or two.

As it crosses your area, Queen Anne's County, Kent County, yes even Cecil County still getting some pretty heavy activity over there. We do have some flood warnings still in effect. Flash flood warnings, some of these areas picked up as much as three inches of rain, had some flooding reported at York Road in Thorton Mill, just north of Hunt Valley. It's a dip in the roadway.

There is a river there, stream there. It floods quite often. I know it because I've been through that road millions of times. To the north of us, even more flood warnings across portions of southeast Pennsylvania heading up toward northern Delaware and the Philadelphia area as well.

That is too late tonight, because we had heavy rains. South of us, temperatures still mid-upper 70s. Airport down to 72. Most places tonight are going to be in the upper 60s. So a still very warm and humid air mass. And that warm, humid air mass tomorrow once again could see some widely scattered showers and thunderstorms activity.

Not as much as we saw today, maybe a little more widely scattered. Take a look at the Futurecast. Still rain on the East Coast. But later tonight and tomorrow, and during the day tomorrow, if we get some sunshine in the morning, we'll probably see some widely scattered activity developing, popping up here at 4 or 5 o'clock in the afternoon.

Mainly southeast of us, but for the weekend, some heat is on the way. Believe it or not, we're going to get back up to 90 degrees. So tonight, storms east but still warm, 68 degrees. And tomorrow, more showers and pop-up thunderstorms possible late in the afternoon, evening. Tomorrow's high 82 degrees.

Did get up to 85 today, but check this out. Low humidity, 90 degrees tomorrow, on Saturday, excuse me. 92 on Sunday. 93, close the records on Monday and Tuesday, could be a thunderstorm there. But it is going to be sticky, just like mid-july July.

These temperatures are actually higher than the averages here for the hottest week of the year, which is the second week in July. 92 Wednesday, hot and humid again, spotty shower possible Thursday, but still 90, down to 64. A little drier and cooler by next Friday, and we'll be right back.