Bob Turk Has Your Tuesday Evening Forecast

A look at the forecast for Baltimore, Maryland

Video Transcript


CHELSEA INGRAM: Welcome back. I'm Meteorologist Chelsea Ingram. I have new accessories here to tell you about cicadas. We've got our cicada fact of the day for Brood X. Here it is, females lay 10 to 30 eggs on each twig or branch, and up to around 600 eggs total. That is a lot. All right, so--

BOB TURK: 600.

CHELSEA INGRAM: They're buzzing out here, that's for sure. What's buzzing with the weather? Let's send it inside to Bob who's got the details. Bob? That's why there's so many-- you got one on the shoulder. That's why there's so many cicadas, but a lot of them die. A lot of them are eaten by-- I was watching a bird just eat one this afternoon. But there's so many they overcome the loss with so many of them. They'll be back in 17 years, by the way.

76 now, Southeast breeze at 10, humidity up a little bit 50%. Barometer is steady, 30.20, which is right now. 79. A little warmer. Frederick had some sunshine, popped temperatures up a little bit. Ocean City still on the cold side, only 66 degrees, and the water temperature last report that the ocean is around 61-62. 73 in Annapolis, 76 here, 75 Bel Air, 76 in DC, cooler, 61 degrees out in Oakland.

Today begins not only the hurricane season, but meteorological summer. It's based on the three months of the year, quarter of the year, of the warmest period the year from now through August 31st. After that, it's meteorological fall. Yes it is.

All right, right now let's take a look at temperatures expected tonight. Mainly upper 50s, a few low 60s. Comfortable sleeping weather, maybe a few clouds around. Higher pressure gave us a gorgeous day yesterday. It's now moved on. Yes, we're getting some clouds, some kind of ocean clouds West of a shower activity. That low pressure's going to cause showers and storms here on Thursday. Some could have heavy downpours, heavy rain, maybe see some training showers and thunderstorms. We could see several inches of rain perhaps as we head into Thursday afternoon and Thursday night.

In the meantime, right now nothing locally, maybe a few showers by later tomorrow and then on Thursday afternoon, there you see a batch of heavier rain North of the city. And during the afternoon, it moves to the area, maybe 6-7 o'clock another batch of heavy activity across the region. And we do have now a slight threat of some severe storms, main impact will be gusty winds and heavy rains with those storms. Heading into tonight, plenty of clouds, 59 degrees. Tomorrow clouds and sunshine, a little bit maybe a shower well North and West. Tomorrow's high back up to 79 degrees. We'll come back and take a look at that seven day forecast in a few minutes. Back to you.