Bob Turk Has Your Tuesday Evening Forecast

Bob Turk Has Your Tuesday Evening Forecast

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BOB TURK: I have that. 74 degrees now, southeast breeze at seven boats. And a little bit of ocean area in, some clouds. The barometer is holding steady, 30.20 inches. Right now, Ocean City is still cool, only 64 degrees, because the wind's off the ocean there.

70 in Napa, 75 in Frederick, 75 Hagerstown, 61 in Oakland, 67 Rehoboth. So the beach has been cold.

80-51 today, 80-58 is normal. The records 98 and 42. We're not going to get that. But we're probably hitting 90 this weekend. Temperatures around the United States pretty uniformly. The only really hot place out west, Phoenix 103 right now.

Northern sections of the Dakotas, 84 in Bismarck. So it's pretty warm out there. We're going to stay on the mild side to warm side, particularly by the weekend. But in the middle of the country, right through here, 60s and 70s, because it's been raining. And we're going to see some of that here on Thursday.

There you see it, right now from St. Louis down a portion of Louisiana. Low pressure that's heading through Arkansas. It's going to head up to Ohio. It will bring all this moisture with it. So on Thursday, maybe late tomorrow, then maybe a shower to the west.

But mainly we're talking Thursday afternoon and Thursday evening for a batch of showers, and maybe some heavy thunderstorm activity. I think the biggest threat with this system is going to be gusty winds and heavy rain in the area. Could see some flooding downpours in some areas before it moves through sometime around five or six, right at the dinner hour.

Then it continues to head off to the east. Eventually, it will start clearing up. But look at that, slight risk of severe storms here on Thursday. Lesser to the east and lesser to the west. So a lot of clouds, 59 degrees by morning tomorrow.

Clouds around and some sun, maybe spotty shower north and west. 79, 79 on Thursday with those storms. 82 Friday, Friday night for the game, it's floppy hat night, probably just an isolated shower. Hot, humid weather continues or actually moves in Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Upper 80s back into the low 90s, so it's like middle of July temperatures headed our way. And we'll be right back.