Bob Turk Has An Updated Look At Your Forecast

Bob Turk Has An Updated Look At Your Forecast

Video Transcript

BOB TURK: We'll be having coverage starting at noon for opening day, so watch us. 63 degrees. Look at this. 51, but only 49 in Dover now. Cold over by the ocean. 61 in far western Maryland, 66 up in Hagerstown. Got to 78 today. Normal is 62. 48 this morning, normal is 40. The record's 93 and 22. We do have a little batch of tiny sprinkles and showers. They're mainly around the DC area. Lot of this not reaching the ground, just some false echoes.

But Baltimore, we are going to stay dry. We saw this coming down from Pennsylvania. It's weakening, but a few spots west of us may se a shower. Meanwhile tomorrow, any clouds in the morning will give way to afternoon sun. 66 at 3:05, southeast breeze at 5 to 10. Looks like a really nice day for baseball, nice comfortable temperatures.

Not so comfortable out in the Midwest. Another line of scattered thunderstorms. That could be, some of it, very strong. Had some isolated tornadoes down in western Tennessee, portions of Mississippi. And that's approaching west Tennessee and also a portion of Alabama later tonight and tomorrow. Those poor folks have been really under the gun this spring.

For us, just a few passing clouds tonight through tomorrow. We'll clear out by the afternoon, looks like a very nice, pleasant day. Now the showers will weaken by the time they get here. We may see some activity Friday into Saturday, and then maybe another bunch on Saturday night into early Sunday morning. So couple chances of showers, but nothing of major nature.

So tomorrow morning, clouds in the morning, but begin to break in the afternoon. Good deal of sunshine, we think, by 2, 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Overnight tonight then, patchy clouds, spotty shower, mainly west, that'll just dissipate overnight. 50 degrees by morning. Tomorrow, back up to a pleasant 68 with a mixture of sun and clouds. It'll give way to mainly clear skies, I think, by the afternoon, at least for the game, winds East-Southeast at 6 to 12.

As we head into the weekend, temperatures for the most part are going to pretty nice. 62 on Friday, but a chance of showers. Another chance on Saturday, but then warming up Sunday, little cooler Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, but 60s, above normal, under partly sunny skies. And we'll be right back.