Bob Turk Has An Updated Look At Your Forecast

Bob Turk Has An Updated Look At Your Forecast

Video Transcript

BOB TURK: All right, lovely afternoon. Lot of sunshine, mild temps, upper 60s, above normal right now. We're still at 63, but it's dry right now. The humidity only 37%. Winds south-southeast at nine, that continue to bring in some moisture and also keep us in the mild air for a while. Barometer is just beginning to fall, 30.23 inches.

Right now, around the state, right now temperature-wise, for the most part, everybody this afternoon got well above normal. If we can get to it. There you go. 67 in DC, 60 in Annapolis. 54, cooler by the ocean, because the ocean temperature is around 49 degrees right now. It takes a long time, because that ocean is a big body of water to warm up. 57 in Rehoboth, 59 in Dover, 63 in Bel Air. Still 70 in Frederick and 72 out in Cumberland, and 68 down in La Plata.

It's 67/34 today. This morning, a lot of frost north and west. Some spots got down to 30 degrees. 59/38 is now the normal, and it keeps coming up here in the last couple of days of March. 89, the record high, 1998. 21 in 1887. Back in the 1880s, 1890s, we had some really cold days. There's your sunrise, 6:54. Sets almost at 7:30. Yes, days are coming nice and long.

Southeast breeze now. 22, Rock Hall, 17 in Annapolis, 9 here, 16 DC. That'll continue to bringing in increased moisture overnight tonight, with cloud cover beginning to build up. And I see some clouds, a few high clouds now, but south of us. A batch of rain already developing over Indiana, portions of Missouri, and Illinois. A lot of rain out there. Unfortunately for the folks in Tennessee, which had six, seven, eight, nine, ten inches of rain the other week. Actually, it was just three or four days ago. There's more rain out their way, so they have flash flood advisories for those folks. They may see another couple of inches of rain. Unfortunately, that's just going to make things worse for them.

For us, here comes that front. Low pressure developing means rain on tap tomorrow. Once the front passes, cold air begins to drag its way into the region. Snow showers all across the Appalachians and the Alleghenies. To the north, portions of northern New York State, Vermont, New Hampshire could see five to 10 inches of snow, believe it or not. That's no April Fool. But for us, maybe an inch of rain. But look at the cold air back there, in the teens. So that's moving in our direction. Meanwhile, it's 76 in Louisville. So we're still in the mild air for at least one day.

Look at the Futurecast. Here comes the rain sometime tomorrow afternoon. Solid rain by 1:00 or 2:00. 3:00, maybe even some thunder on the Eastern Shore. And then things begin to clear up, then one or two lingering showers early on Thursday, with snow showers out to the west. Clouds increase. 51 degrees by morning with south winds. Tomorrow, periods of rain pretty much all day long. 66, colder Thursday, Friday. Warming up for the weekend, but really nice and sunny and still mild next week. Sunny to partly sunny skies. So a nice weekend here for Easter. Back to you.