Bob Turk Has An Updated Look At Your Forecast

Bob Turk Has An Updated Look At Your Forecast

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BOB TURK: A damp day, not a lot of rain but it's been drizzly and showery from time to time. 58 degrees, hasn't moved much either all afternoon. Humidity, of course, way up there, 90%. Went south southeast off the ocean keeping it cool and damp. The barometer is steady.

Right now some light rain in the region. Little slightly heavier it goes, just move southeast of the region. To the north of us, hardly anything happening. Northern Baltimore County, southern Pennsylvania, and hardly any rain at all showing up there-- in fact, none.

South of us, another big gap there in Virginia where not a lot of rain just very light. There is more to the west that is moving from west to east, so we'll have to deal with this at least through tonight into tomorrow morning. North of us, even some sunshine, this around Pittsburgh area, so we do expect to see breaks in the sky tomorrow.

Right now, 54 degrees in Ocean City, 60 in La Plata, 54 in Cumberland, a cool 45 in Oakland, 57 Frederick, with 58 and 58 up and up. Normal high today is around there in that low 60s by the way, 63 or so. 58 here, 65, New York had sun up to 65. 49 in Boston, winds off the ocean there.

There's some really cold air once again in Canada that's heading south and then east, so we'll get a little bit of that. Little cooler on Friday but a nice warm across the south with New Orleans getting flooding rains there at 68 degrees. South of us, you can see all those rain along the Gulf Coast. I mean, they've had thunderstorm after thunderstorm.

Most of that, of course, is staying well south. We have a little batch of rain right through here but look to the west, clearing skies, low pressure. You see that spin up there? Caused them snow in upper Michigan, that's moving over toward New England. There will be, believe or not, 6, 7, 8, maybe 10 inches of snow. In the higher elevations of the Adirondacks, northern New York state, northern Vermont, New Hampshire and portions of Maine, that will be sometime later tomorrow into Friday.

As that low kind of wraps around, it's going to drag some cold air in for us. We're getting to clear out, that's a good news. But look at all that precip across the-- yes, some of it's coming in the form of moderate snow, even on Friday as well. We'll have some passing clouds here on Friday, maybe a brief sprinkle, but for the most part things should clear out just in time for the weekend, hopefully.

Overnight tonight then, we're looking for more rain and some showers around, but not going to be heavy. 50 degrees winds beginning west. Tomorrow, shower earlier then sunshine, 66 by the afternoon. 58 cooler on Friday with a spotty shower. Nicer weekend, 61, 64. Slight chance on Monday there'll be shower but up to 70 on Tuesday. 65 bucks on Wednesday, pretty close to normal a week from now. Back to you.