Bob Turk Has An Updated Look At Your Forecast

Bob Turk Has An Updated Look At Your Forecast

Video Transcript

BOB TURK: Sunny, warm pleasant afternoon, 75, still no wind at all. The humidity is down, very pleasant, very dry conditions are going to continue for a little while longer. Temperature-wise, we're at 75 in Frederick, 75 in DC, cooler at the beach, only 57 degrees down there. The winds are off the cold Atlantic right now, and Annapolis, a little bit warmer at 66. They were 60 last hour, and 73 up in Westminster.

Temperatures today got up to 76 a little before 4:00, but it normally is only 61. The record, first time, 90 in 1929, 54 the low this morning. Normal low is still 40 degrees. Yeah, it can be certainly chilly. 20 for the record low, 2016, not that long ago. We had some serious cold temperatures there. And we had some freezing temperatures many places even into early May last year. You might remember that.

80 degrees in Chicago, 81 in St. Louis. Very mild air out here. It's not going to get that warm here because we're starting to see a bit of a turn to the east-northeast. That flow over the ocean will keep us a little bit cooler, but 69 in New York now, 74 in Miami. It's warmer here than it is in Miami. Think about that.

We have a storm-- very weak area of low pressure across upper Michigan. It's moving to the northeast of our region. It's going to bring us some clouds, and maybe a shower late tonight with increasing clouds. At least the Futurecast showing that low overnight tonight. And during the day tomorrow, yes. We have a chance-- maybe a shower-- could even be a rumble of thunder, possibly, in some spots. The chances aren't that great.

And then on Thursday, we head into Thursday, there'll be some lingering clouds at least a portion of the day. All in all, not a bad afternoon. Temperatures back in the mid-60s. Then Thursday night and Friday, that's the chance we'll see some better chances of rain moving into the region along with cooler temperatures because the winds come back off the ocean. And over the weekend, maybe some widely-scattered showers activity on Saturday. But temperatures, for the most part, at or above normal.

So tonight, cloudy later on. Increasing clouds, spotty shower late, late tonight or in the morning. 52 degrees tomorrow, and back up to 72. Still warm, even with an east-northeast wind, but very light. Stray shower possible tomorrow, and here's the forecast for the game.

Partly sunny skies, 66, shower possibility on Friday, a little bit warmer the weekend. A shower chance on Saturday, not too bad there for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, upper 60s to the low-to-mid 70s. Back to you.