Bob Turk Has An Updated Look At Your Forecast

Bob Turk Has An Updated Look At Your Forecast

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BOB TURK: As I mentioned before, a wet record breaking day, as far as rain is concerned at DWL Marshall. 1.52 inches on this date was a record at the airport today. Right now with 58 dew points, 56 way up there. Humidity way up there, as well. We'll probably see some fog overnight. If we see any clearing later on, that'll help create some fog. The barometer is now just steady. East northeast winds still around the ocean component.

57 in Frederick, 60 degrees out in Kerlin. Much further west, much lighter rains today. And the heaviest rain from about, let's say, Carroll County east, just west of 95. All across northern sections, Maryland center, Maryland one to two inches of rain, generally. 53 at Ocean City, 58 here, 60 D.C., 56 Annapolis. Dundalk, John picked up 1.7 inches over in Dundalk. Aberdeen, Dean, 2.15. And Phil, Westminster, a little less than an inch.

As you headed west, a lot less rainfall around the region. Almanac today, 58 was the high, and 53 was the low. Never went anywhere. 56, 36 the normal. We'll get back to that next week. Record, 83 and 18 back in 1896. Here's the rain and finally beginning to pull out. The rain here in the city is pretty much dead, finished, finished. Southwest of this, not any clearing, but just a lot of leftover clouds. There's some pretty good rain around Ocean City now, southern Delaware, Sussex County, Dover getting some good rain. That is all moving away.

So later tonight, we'll just be stuck with a lot of lingering clouds. Low pressure, that did really develop and brought a lot of Atlantic moisture, and that's what brought the rain. But west of us, clearing skies now across western Maryland. I think we will see some of that later tonight. Future cast, see that low moving away. So we got a sunny day tomorrow, and then tomorrow night, yet another system coming in from the west southwest. More showers, but very warm air coming in late tomorrow night.

And Friday, we could get up to 80 degrees before the showers clear out, and they'll clear out by later in the day on Friday. Sunshine returns, cooler conditions, but beautiful day on Saturday. Maybe only 70 Sunday. Another chance of more shower activity, and then cooling again for next week. Back to normal by Monday. Saturday night, rain tapering off pretty much ended.

Otherwise, just mild, some fog. 52 degrees tomorrow, back up, beautiful, sunny, 73 degrees with some showers late tomorrow night, maybe some thunder. 80 Friday, then it cools down, beautiful, 71, 72 showers later on Sunday. Cooler for next week, but closer to normal for Monday, Tuesday, and again, warmer again Wednesday, back up to 65 degrees. Back to you.