Bob Turk Has An Updated Look At Your Forecast

Bob Turk Has An Updated Look At Your Forecast

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- Wild look outside right now. Good thing we have warmer temperatures coming up, because the eggs would be really chilly on Sunday morning. For the Easter egg hunt.

- Frozen eggs--

BOB TURK: It's clear.

- [INAUDIBLE] this morning.

BOB TURK: It's clear, and it's very dry out there. Once you see this dew point, which is very rare April, trust me. Look at these temperatures. It's 45, but the dew point is 9 degrees above zero. That means this air mass is extremely dry. This time of year 23% humidity, and think about the middle of summer when the dew point's around 70 and it's sticky and humid, maybe even 75. That's really dry air mass.

The wind's still a factor at 16 miles an hour. The barometer is on the way back up. Cold, high pressure came in from Canada, 30 degrees in Oakland. That's the warmest it's been out there. 45 here. 45 in DC. 45 over on the eastern shore, Ocean City at only 41. They've had some clouds kind of lingering down there.

Around the region tonight, if you look at these predicted lows, freezing, even in Ocean City. 29, Easton; 32, Rock Hall; 27, Elkton; 26-- 19 degrees tomorrow morning in Oakland. And then it will warm up. We do expect to warm up, but because of the cold temps tonight, we do have a freeze warning. All you folks from-- really pushing from Kent County down to Easton, much of central and southern Delaware could see temps below freezing.

Got up to 47, that's it, today. Normal is 60. Record 88, 1963. 30 this morning at 6:08. 39 now is a normal low. This morning's record, however, 23 in 10-7. It can get cold. Look at these mild temps. Omaha, Nebraska now 74 degrees. Bismarck, North Dakota, 74 now. Minneapolis up to 60. This air is slowly moving our direction. We see the cold right here in the East. It's slowly going to be moving out, except extreme northern Maine is going to stay cold. Even chilly down in Florida. Jacksonville only 56 this afternoon. The normal high now is in the mid 70s, by the way.

High pressure across the Midwest is moving toward our region. Clear skies overnight tonight. A good deal of sunshine, but over the weekend, as somewhat warmer air begins to move into the region, it will probably cause some clouds to develop, as that warmer air, a little bit of moisture will cause some clouds Saturday into early Sunday. But it'll warm up. Temperatures in the 50s tomorrow, but, maybe, it's close to 70 hopefully on Sunday.

And then Monday, we'll see more clouds, maybe a few showers here, perhaps by Tuesday. Cold, diminishing winds, 28 by morning tomorrow, turning milder, yeah, and patchy clouds, 56 degrees for a high tomorrow, so 10 degrees warmer than today. 67 on Sunday, clouds give way to sunshine, 70, beautiful, Monday. Mid/ upper 60s for Tuesday through Friday. Could be a shower, maybe, Thursday for the game and, maybe, one on Wednesday. A better chance, by next Friday, of some showers around the region. Back to you.