Bob Turk Has An Updated Look At Your Forecast

Bob Turk Has An Updated Look At Your Forecast

Video Transcript

BOB TURK: All right, a little bit of brightening in the sky. Temperature there, but just went up two degrees. Whoopee. 44, that's normal for the middle of February, by the way. So we're way, way below normal.

Winds now picked up a little bit. Northwest at 19, but it's beginning to dry things out just a little bit. In fact, the barometer is back up again. It was 30 inches even about two hours ago, now 30.04 inches. That means high pressure is building in cold air.

21 degrees in Oakland now, 35 in Cumberland, 39 in Hagerstown. Garrett County picked up 1 to 2 inches of snow. And it's still on the ground there, by the way. 44 now, plus 44 here. 43 DC. 46 in Salisbury and Ocean City. Water temperature, by the way, is about 49 degrees.

The Bay temp now is in the low 50s. It's slowly warming up. We've had some light precipitation, most of this is some light sprinkle activity. And yes, we had some snow shower activity not too far around from the Baltimore region.

We had some graupel. It looks like Styrofoam. Actually, it starts out as snowflakes. The wind kind of whips it up and turns it into little snow pellets.

To the west, still some snow showers across Pennsylvania, portion of the mountains of West Virginia and Virginia. It's still snowing out there right now.

It'll slowly wind down. Hopefully, dry air moves in. But plenty of that activity show up on the mountains to the west. New England saw snow. Boston had some rain. Detroit had some snow. Their the game was canceled, I believe it was.

Snow around the Cleveland area, Buffalo, all across New England several inches. And some of the high elevations picked up 6, 7, 8 inches, believe it or not. Just to the east of the region, kind of drying out a little bit. So we do expect to see some clearing skies very shortly. In fact, already seeing a little bit of brightening before the sun sets tonight.

Over the weekend and over the next 24 hours, still cold temperatures tonight and tomorrow. We'll get below freezing most places tonight, except in the city. But over the weekend, the tide begins to move off to the eastern region. The winds become more westerly and southwesterly. That means milder air beginning to move in.

We'll see a few clouds perhaps. But all in all, milder conditions beginning on Saturday into next week. Temperatures get back above normal, maybe up to 70 or so.

So tonight, brisk. Yeah, Much colder than the last few nights. 28 by morning at the airport, maybe 35 in the city. Northwest breezes tonight, going to make it feel like the low to mid 20s later. So dress for winter. 10 to 20 miles an hour overnight.

Tomorrow, still breezy. Northwest breeze at 12 to 25. We'll call it chilly and breezy, partly sunny skies. Tomorrow's high only 46. Normal high is 59.

Warming up Saturday, a lot less wind, a lot more sun, 56. Nice day on Easter, 67/43, a lot of sun. 70 on Monday, beautiful start to next week. Same thing on Tuesday. Chance of showers back on Wednesday and Thursday, but still 70, down to 50 and 68, down to 45. Variably cloudy skies on Thursday. Again, a few showers as well.

Back to you.