Bob Turk Has An Updated Look At Your Forecast

Bob Turk Has An Updated Look At Your Forecast

Video Transcript

BOB TURK: All right, big changes headed our way. A warm day to day, but a cold front with snow behind it. It's not gonna get that cold, but it will be chilly here by the time we get to-- basically tomorrow night. Now, during the day tomorrow there is a marginal threat for some gusty thunderstorms from the-- really from the mountains to the East Coast. So we'll be watching out for that.

Winds could gust over 40, 50 miles an hour in any thunderstorms tomorrow. Meanwhile, tonight, turning cloudy late tonight. There are already a few stray showers up in the mountains there. A lot of 54 degrees. A mild night. Our normal low in the mid-40s. South winds tonight keep us in the warm air.

During the day tomorrow, showers, yes, and maybe a gusty thunderstorm in some spots. A little cooler. We got into the mid-70s today. Only around 67. West winds, 10 to 20 picking up in any thunderstorms. Once again, could be some damaging winds in a few spots tomorrow. They'll be isolated, mainly during the midday.

Thursday, look at this. We drop down to 36 tomorrow night. 55 with blustery and colder conditions all day Thursday. Maybe even in the low 50s and in the upper 30s at night. 66, recovering very nicely on Friday, a good deal of sunshine. Increasing clouds Saturday at 68. Good chance of some showers early on Sunday. It's 66.

Monday and Tuesday right now looking really nice next week. 65, back up to 71 again with sunshine again here by next Tuesday. Back to you.