Bob Turk Has An Updated Look At Your Forecast

Bob Turk Has An Updated Look At Your Forecast

Video Transcript

BOB TURK: 63 degrees. It was really warm this afternoon. Got in the upper 60s right now. East winds allowing the Easterly flow off the Atlantic, but bringing clouds in late tonight. Overnight, little drizzle maybe some fog and then a chance of rain tomorrow. The barometer currently steady, but it's going to be dropping later on.

48 degrees in Oakland. But look at Ocean City, the cold spot at 45 degrees. That is pretty much the ocean water temperature right now. And that's because the winds are coming right off the Atlantic.

64 Westminster, DC 63. Annapolis, by the bay, a little cooler at 60. 54 Dover. As you can see, the influence of the ocean really dominates.

We'll start seeing those cooler temps for a little while tonight, but it's not going to drop very much because the cloud cover. This morning, we were down around 38. Tomorrow morning, probably close to 50 degrees. 68/38 today. 68? Look at that. The normal is only 56/36. Record 82 and 16.

We've got shower activity to the west southwest. Notice across Chicago, the Great Lakes, that's moving well away from us. But we have a frontal boundary that will be approaching us sometime late Thursday. In the meantime, we have a little area of circulation off the Carolina coast. That's going to put some light moisture in the area later tonight. So we've got winds generally out of the east northeast off the Atlantic Ocean. That will be with us through tomorrow, and we do expect to see a little bit of rain and some drizzle.

Not expecting a lot of rain tomorrow. But the second batch coming in, that will be sometime late Thursday with that cold front out to the west. Could even be a rumble of thunder too with that front coming through behind it. We'll see some much cooler temps for Saturday, but it'll be bright and sunny it looks like.

In the meantime, Friday, with this warm front getting through the area, maybe some showers early Friday. And then we get back up into the upper 70s maybe 80 degrees briefly on Friday. And then that front comes through, clear things out by Friday night. Saturday looks really nice. Sunday night, another little batch of showers. And then it cools down next week.

So increasing clouds. Will be drizzle and fog developing by morning. 49 tomorrow. Back up to 58, 10 degrees cooler than today with a little bit of rain and drizzle at times, maybe a quarter of an inch. 72 beautiful day Thursday, and then the showers late at night. 80 Friday, down to 49.

Cooler Saturday, but sunshine, pleasant. Gets cooler for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. A little shower activity Sunday night. And then back to normal, really, for Monday and Tuesday of next week. Back to you.