Bob Turk Has Your Wednesday Evening Forecast

Bob Turk Has Your Wednesday Evening Forecast

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- Well, look at that shot out there. Beautiful, as the sun is gonna be setting here pretty soon.

- Yeah, can't tell the wind. Obviously a little crazy today, but let's see what's in store for tonight. Those temperatures are gonna drop, Bob.

BOB TURK: Yeah, it's already dropped. Noon, it was like 65. An hour later, it was back in the mid-50s. So it dropped about 10 degrees quickly, although the airport only had a trace of rain. Mostly areas from around the city had no rain at all. It was all on the eastern shore.

Quarter inch, half inch in some spots. And gusty winds over there did cause some tree damage, particularly in southeast Virginia, and a few spots on the eastern shore had some trees down. 51 now. West/northwest winds, 19. The barometer way back up, and it's much drier. 68. That was this morning. 52, also this morning. 67, 44 now, the normals.

Next week we get back up to about 68 for our normal high. 88, the record high. 29. It won't get that cold tonight, but some areas north of the city will get to freezing. 1956, 29 degrees. It's snowing. Garrett County. The neighboring counties of West Virginia and some areas in Pennsylvania picked up an inch, inch and a half. Around eastern Ohio, western Pennsylvania.

Here we've got some cloudy skies, at least temporarily, but it'll clear out tonight. All the rain earlier, way offshore now, moving away from the east coast. Low pressure along that cold front. That's where all the activity was. Long Island, out in the Atlantic, now moving away. So we're not worried about that anymore.

We've got generally clearer skies. You can see the snow activity to the west of us. And this is some pretty cold air, but it's only gonna last really one day. Because by the time we get to Friday, the winds will go back to the west/southwest, and that will bring somewhat milder air. Now we're down to 57 Ocean City. 51 here. 40s northwest. Only 28 degrees now in Oakland, if you can believe that.

Winds now, 19. 29 in Frederick. 35 in La Plata. 19 in Cumberland. So there's even a windchill out there. 36, our predicted low around the airport tonight. 32 north and west. And that's why we have freeze warnings, all those areas north and west of the Beltway. From midnight until 9:00 AM, could see some freezing temperatures.

Generally clearer skies tonight. We see some clouds drifting by from time to time, but most of the day tomorrow will be pretty sunny. Just some passing clouds during the afternoon. And a lot more sun on Friday, for the most part. Looks like a pretty decent end of the week.

By the weekend, another chance of rain, but not until Saturday night. Saturday night, clear and cold, freeze north and west. 36, much lighter winds. Windy, chilly 55. Wind still breezy tomorrow, up to 30 miles an hour. Warmer for Friday and Saturday, but a good chance of rain. Could see some moderate Saturday night into Sunday morning. Back up to 68.

Nice day on Monday, a little cooler, sunshine. Beautiful. Tuesday and Wednesday, low to mid, even some upper 70s for the middle of next week. Back to you.