Bobulinski Claims Hunter Biden Defrauded Him, Slams Media ‘Blackout’ on Laptop Story

Tony Bobulinski, former business partner of the Biden family, claimed Tuesday that the president’s son and brother cheated him out of millions of dollars in a deal to form a joint venture with a Chinese firm.

The former Navy officer’s accusations involve a contract initiated between a Delaware firm he started, owned by him, Jim and Hunter Biden, and partners Rob Walker and James Gilliar, to create a joint venture with CEFC, the Chinese firm that pledged to give them $10 million of working capital. Bobulinski alleged that the Bidens embezzled at least $5 million from CEFC.

“Hunter Biden and Jim Biden defrauded [us] and took the money for themselves … stole it from me and my other partners, Rob Walker and James Gilliar,” he said during an exclusive interview with Tucker Carlson Tuesday night.

He claimed that Hunter Biden replicated the contract and had over $5 million of Chinese money funneled to his personal enterprise.

“It appears that Hunter Biden, Jim Biden, and the Biden family really copied the same document down to typos [and] the serial number and they removed [the name] Oneida Holdings [and] replaced it with Owasco, which was [the name of] Hunter Biden’s law firm or business that he operated,” Bobulinski said.

He speculated that the Biden family expected to make billions of dollars through its business involvements with the Chinese. From diverting the money from the Chinese firm, “Hunter received over five million dollars, bank statements have been made public,” Bobulinski added.

During the conversation with Carlson, Bobulinski also addressed the censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story prior to the 2020 election, which he called “a complete blackout.”

“I can’t find another story in the history of our country that has been so suppressed. A complete blackout. You can go to today and search my last name and it still shows you zero results,” he said. “There has not been one credible interview or debate on refuting anything I’ve said or any piece of evidence.”

In August, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted to podcast host Joe Rogan that his company suppressed the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, exposed by the New York Post, before the 2020 election after the FBI said it should look out for Russian “misinformation.” “Distribution” of the bombshell report was restricted for “five or seven” days when it was being determined if the laptop was real, Zuckerberg said.

Bobulinski noted that only after the election the Justice Department publicly announced it was investigating the Biden family’s foreign business dealings.

“Five weeks too late, and the American people deserve those facts before the election,” he said.

Bobulinski said he’d be willing to speak to the FBI and U.S. attorneys again “at any time.” The facts of the case are “extensive, well-documented, easily verified,” he said, rejecting the theory that the story was Russian misinformation.

In August, a whistleblower claimed that FBI officials instructed agents not to probe the Hunter Biden laptop situation ahead of the 2020 presidential election, saying the bureau was “not going to change the outcome of the election again,” according to Republican senator Ron Johnson. Democrats blamed the FBI for driving Hillary Clinton’s loss to former president Trump in the 2016 election by reopening an investigation into her private email server days before the presidential election.

Carlson mentioned the grand jury that was impaneled in Delaware as part of the Hunter Biden investigation. Bobulinski confirmed that he was not called to testify, despite his former close affiliation with the Biden family and its business activities.

In April, it was unearthed that a key witness in the probe was asked to identify the individual who is referred to as the “big guy” in an email exchange detailing the equity distribution stemming from the Hunter Biden’s deal CEFC. “The big guy” was first referenced in an email obtained by the New York Post in October 2020, in which Gilliar pitched, “10 held by H for the big guy?,” suggesting that this person would get a 10 percent stake. Many Republicans have guessed that the individual in question was President Biden.

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