Body Found In Dallas Apartment Pool Believed To Be Missing Autistic Child

Keydall Jones, 8. who is autistic and non-verbal, went missing Friday morning.

Video Transcript

- Our top story tonight. Exactly 24 hours after a Dallas autistic boy went missing, a body was found at an apartment complex right next door to where the search began. Our Nicole Nielsen has the very latest on the investigation.

NICOLE NIELSEN: The family of eight-year-old Keydall Jones confirms he was found in the Doral Apartment Complex pool on the same block as where he went missing yesterday. The medical examiner's office as well as police have not yet confirmed his identity, though his family tells me it was Jones and that they're now spending time with relatives to mourn.

Jones was autistic and non-verbal. His family says he ran off Friday morning when they were trying to put him in the car for school, something he's been known to do. The search went overnight until coming to a tragic end this morning. Today, residents around the apartment complex where he was found say they didn't know what happened.

AGUSTIN MATURINO: Eight-year-old missing. They saw him off of Alpha and Montfort. But I didn't think he would [LAUGHS] be here or anything. Yeah. But I did hear about the story. There was, like, two or three police officers. And it looks like there was forensics and stuff.

NICOLE NIELSEN: The pool is currently under construction. We saw code compliance today on the property. We tried to get a hold of the leasing office to get more details, but they closed for the day. The Dallas Police Department says this is an active, ongoing investigation, and more details will be provided when they know more. In Dallas, Nicole Nielsen, CBS 11 News.