Body Found Off Crane Beach After Swimmer Reported Missing

A swimmer was reported missing off Crane Beach in Ipswich.

Video Transcript

- News now from the North Shore after a day long search to find a missing swimmer. Police in Ipswich now say they recovered the man's body in the water off Crane Beach about an hour ago. The Coast Guard began searching this morning when police say the man's backpack was found on the beach. The Coast Guard identified the missing 28-year-old man as Eric Pecina. Friends told police that Pecina was a former lifeguard and a high school swimmer, and that he was planning to swim from the beach to Plum Island and back. Police say the Coast Guard spotted the body in the water.

CHIEF PAUL NIKAS: United States Coast Guard helicopter notified us that they had discovered a unresponsive male in the water, up by Grape Island, which is inside Plum Island Sound, in Ipswich. The individual meets the description of the individual we've been looking for. We have not confirmed the identity as of yet. We're hoping to have that done within the next hour. We're recovering the body back to land as we speak.

- The Police Chief says the swimmer was not wearing a wetsuit at the time, and the very cold water temperature could have played a role.