Body plane tool scrapes off dead and flaky skin

Body Plane tools are used all over the world. The Esker Beauty Body Plane is meant to be a modern take. According to Esker, it is "inspired by the rituals of ancient Greek and Roman bathhouses." It claims to gently exfoliate, promote smooth skin, and deep clean the body. The edge is coated with a colloidal sterling silver and claims to be naturally antibacterial. Insider producer Celia Skvaril tried the Esker Body Plane to see how it would affect her dry and flaky skin. She also spoke to Dr. Sheila Farhang about her thoughts on the tool and the results. Check out the Esker Body Plane Tool here: Esker Body Plane, $45 Check out the microscope here: Celestron Deluxe Handheld Digital Microscope, $72.48 See more from Dr. Farhang here:

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