Bodybuilder arrested over Christmas Day shooting of millionaire parents

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The son of New York millionaires with alleged mob ties has been arrested after he allegedly shot the couple on Christmas morning.

Dino Tomasetti, 29, was arrested on Christmas morning after a "disturbance" was reported at his parents' 8,751 square foot home in Long Island.

According to police reports, Mr Tomasetti allegedly fled the scene in a Cadillac Escalade, which was tracked driving into New Jersey. He was picked up by police later on Christmas Day.

Both of Mr Tomasetti's parents have so-far survived the shooting and were scheduled to undergo surgery for their wounds. Mr Tomasetti, a bodybuilder, will face charges based on his parents' conditions.

According to sources speaking with The Daily Voice, Mr Tomasetti allegedly shot his mother in the head and his father in the back. Rocco Tomasetti, the father, remains in serious condition.

Both of the parents were conscious when they were found inside the home, according to the Long Island Herald. They were rushed by ambulance to a local hospital, and both are expected to survive.

The Tomasettis are construction magnates whose family business helped to shape the New York skyline. Projects they've undertaken include the Goldman Sachs headquarters, the Bank of America headquarters, and numerous condos around the city.

The family has faced previous indictments for alleged ties to the New York mob. The family's grandfather, Dino Tomasetti Sr, was profiled by The New York Times in 2006. In the profile, details provide insight into the man's checkered history, including allegations of illegal payoffs to union leaders over the span of a decade. Mr Tomasetti Sr denied any wrongdoing.

The Tomasetti's company eventually pleaded guilty to filing fake documents relating to a project at the Elmhurst Hospital Centre in Queens.

"Laquila, which had a $2.5 million contract to build concrete decking for a new wing at the hospital, had secretly and illegally subcontracted the work to a second company for $1.4 million, enabling Laquila to collect a $1 million profit," the Times reported. "The scheme came to light after Laquila failed to pay the second company."

In 1987, the company was indicted on racketeering charges for allegedly bribing local officials to allow them to dump construction waste in New Jersey. That scheme was allegedly organised by a member of the Gambino crime family.

Mr Tomasetti did not work in the family business. He is a personal trainer in East Williamsburg in Brooklyn.

Police have not released a motive for the attack, and are continuing to investigate the situation.

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