Bodycam footage of Nashville school shooting

Warning: Graphic content. The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department released bodycam footage of officers entering a private Christian elementary school and killing the shooter, who authorities say killed three children and three adults on Monday.

Video Transcript


- The kids are all locked down, but we have two kids that we don't know where they are.

- OK.

- OK?

- Yes, ma'am.


- Yeah.

- They fired into my window, so they're upstairs.

- Hey! Gimme, gimme three! Let's get three!

- All the way down the hall, this fellowship hall, at the end of this hall is fellowship hall. They just said they've heard gunshots down there. And then upstairs for a bunch of kids.

- Let's go. I need three!

- One more!

- Let's go!


Metro Police!

- Open door! On me, on me.

- I don't know where he is.

- Metro police!

- Open door!

- OK.

- Bathroom, bathroom, small bathroom. Clear.

- Next. Let's go. Show me the

- Back

- Door to door with me with me.

- Hold the door!

- Next! Open, I got it, I got it.

- Bathroom.

- Let's go!

- Open the door right now! Let's go, let's go!

- Let's move right. Cover left, cover left!

- Cover left.


- Take this with me. Take this. No, that's locked. Take this door. Take this door, take it.



Think it's upstairs. It sounds like it's upstairs.

- Go, go, go, go!


- That's one of them!


- Push an LPD, push an LPD.

- Reloading!



Clear, move!

- Watch out, watch out!


Stop moving! Stop moving! Get your hands away from the gun! Get your hands away from the gun!