Bodycam Footage Released In Deadly Police Shooting Of Lymond Moses In New Castle County

Matt Petrillo reports.

Video Transcript


AMANDA SPENCE: He was the past 10 years of my life, my future, my husband, my children's father, and that is all gone.

UKEE WASHINGTON: A wife's pain, a family calling for justice after a deadly police shooting-- tonight, we're seeing officers' body camera video for the first time. This is "Eyewitness News at 6:00," and we are streaming live on CBS in Philly. Good evening, everyone. I'm Ukee Washington.

JESSICA KARTALIJA: And I'm Jessica Kartalija. Lymond Moses was in his car. He told police that he was asleep in front of his mother's house. After a back and forth with officers, he took off, and, ultimately, was shot and killed. Matt Petrillo has more on what the body camera video shows and what police are saying about it now. Matt.

MATT PETRILLO: Jess, the day of this deadly officer-involved shooting, Newcastle County Police told us that a Wilmington man drove directly at officers. But video released today appears to show something else.

LYMOND MOSES: OK, my mom live right here.

MATT PETRILLO: This body camera video released by Newcastle County Police Tuesday shows the final moments of Lymond Moses's life.

LYMOND MOSES: Bro, I'm not-- my car not stolen.

MATT PETRILLO: It begins in Wilmington just after 1:00 AM on January 13. That's when county police saw Moses's car parked with its engine running.

POLICE OFFICER: Do me a favor. Just hop out for me, man.

MATT PETRILLO: Officers try speaking with Moses, but he drives away. He ends up at a dead end. Then, Moses turns around and approaches an officer, appearing to drive around him. Moses then passes a second officer, who fires.



AMANDA SPENCE: They were not in harm's way at all. They were not in harm's way. And that refutes them opening fire when it shows that Lymond was not facing any officer directly.

MATT PETRILLO: As the Delaware attorney general's office investigates the case, the man's wife is calling for the president to step in.

AMANDA SPENCE: Please, Joe Biden, come together for your hometown and help us-- [EXHALES] help us get justice, please.

MATT PETRILLO: In a video statement, Newcastle County Police say the investigation over the police-involved shooting is ongoing.

BRIAN FAULKNER: Based upon this video, we cannot draw any conclusions as to whether the officers acted within policy and the law until all the facts are known and the investigation is complete.

POLICE OFFICER: Just relax--

MATT PETRILLO: Meantime, the family's attorney is also asking for the names of those officers involved in the shooting to be released. Reporting live in Newcastle County, Matt Petrillo, CBS 3, "Eyewitness News."