Boehner Sings Kate Upton His Birthday Song

Supermodel Kate Upton got a birthday surprise from House Speaker John Boehner when he serenaded her with his trademark birthday song.

So how did the House speaker and a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model end up in the same room? Funny story.

A couple members of his leadership team, including Rep. Fred Upton, were in an elevator at the New York City Mandarin Oriental on their way to a fundraiser when Upton starting talking.

Suddenly, a young woman turned around asking, "Uncle Fred?" Turns out, the younger Upton lives in the hotel's residences and recognized her uncle's voice, a source familiar with the exchange said.

Kate Upton joined her uncle and his coworkers at their fundraiser for about an hour and that's where Boehner sang his famous ditty.

"This is your birthday song. It doesn't last too long. Hey."

Here's an old-school clip of Boehner delivering it on the House floor.

House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy even managed to grab a picture with the two famous Uptons, documenting it on his Instagram page.