A Boeing 777 Crash Landed in San Francisco

Connor Simpson

According to multiple on-the-ground reports, a Boeing 777 operated by Asiana Airlines crashed during landing at San Francisco International airport Saturday afternoon. The FAA confirmed a crash occurred without naming the flight or the number of injuries, but Asiana flight 214 from Seoul is thought to be the plane that crashed. According to Emergency in San Francisco, 44 people have already been rescued. According to a KTVU witness report, the plane was just about to land when the tail of the plane fell off. One witness uploaded a picture of the plane immediately after being rescued: 

Reports started coming in on social media almost immediately as bystanders waiting for other flights reported what they saw: 

This same witness actually got a picture of the crash while it was happening:

There are no injuries reported yet but passengers are reportedly being evacuated: 

This video shows plumes of heavy black smoke coming from the plane after it crashed: 

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This story is still developing and we'll be updating this post as we learn more. 

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