Boeing to announce U.S. job cuts this week: union

Boeing is set to announce significant U.S. job cuts this week.

That's according to a union spokesman who told Reuters about the layoffs on Tuesday (May 26)

The union, which represents over 17,000 Boeing employees, said the company informed them of expected layoff notices on Friday (May 29).

Boeing has declined to comment.

The global health crisis has devastated the airline industry, and the fallout in travel demand has dealt a double blow to Boeing.

The company was already struggling with the aftermath of two fatal crashes of its 737 Max jets in the past two years.

In April Boeing disclosed it would shed 10% of its worldwide workforce, made up of some 160,000 employees.

The union also said about 1,300 of its members applied for voluntary layoffs.

Also in April Boeing recorded zero orders for the second time this year, marking the worst start to the company's year since 1962.

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