Boeing investigates mini tequila bottles found on future Air Force One jet

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A Boeing facility in Maryland (AFP via Getty Images)
A Boeing facility in Maryland (AFP via Getty Images)

Aviation manufacturer Boeing has been forced to investigate how two mini bottles of tequila ended up onboard a future Air Force One, which is being fitted out at a facility in San Antonio, Texas.

The bottles were found onboard the plane this month, and according to people familiar with the matter, were empty when they were found, The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday.

It was not immediately clear when the mini tequila bottles were found, and where onboard the future Air Force One plane the discovery was made. An investigation is believed to be underway.

Boeing forbids any alcohol at its facilities, and the firm told The Journal that it was trying to improve its manufacturing and quality operations.

Importantly, those working on the future Air Force One have security clearance because the two planes in development were “effectively an airborne seat of government”, as lawyers for Boeing described the plane in court documents, according to the report.

A spokesperson for Boeing told The Independent that the finding was “a personnel matter and for contractual reasons we are unable to comment further,” and referred questions to the US Air Force for further comment.

Under a deal with the Trump administration in 2018, Boeing was due to deliver the future Air Force One by 2025, but the manufacturer admitted in April that it may miss the deadline by a year — and took legal action against a Texas-based supplier for delays.

Boeing also asked for an additional $500m (£369m) in US government funding due to finalise the new Air Force One fleet, which are worth $3.9bn (£2.9bn) and officially called 747-8.

The Independent has approached the US Air Force, who The Journal reported were notified of the incident, for comment.

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