Bold strategies, a missing CP3 and fantasy MVPs | Tip-Off with Titus

Yahoo Fantasy basketball analyst Dan Titus looks at some of the biggest stories in the game the last couple of weeks -- from AD topping the fantasy charts, deciding whether managers should sell Chris Paul to the ‘incredible’ contributors most leading to fantasy success.

Video Transcript

DAN TITUS: What up, hoops fans? Dan Titus back again with Tip Off with Titus. It's been a few weeks since I've been off, but I'm going to catch you up on all things that have been happening around the league and in fantasy. Let's get right to the shoot-around. Anthony Davis is back as the number one player in fantasy in per game value, averaging 34 and 1/2 points, 15 boards, three assists, and four and a half stocks over his last 10 games.

- Outstanding.

DAN TITUS: And Mason Plumlee decides to change his jump shot midway through his career. Just look at the Bucs and Clippers reactions. And lastly, Rudy Gobert taking a page out of John [? Christmas ?] playbook sweeping the leg.

- It's a bold strategy, Cotton. Let's see if it pays off for him.

DAN TITUS: Let's talk about Chris Paul. Where are you at? The last update I received from Chris Paul was an unwarranted stray from the person formerly known as Kanye West. Not really going to help fantasy managers much there. But on a serious note, Chris Paul injured his heel on November 7 versus the 76ers, and we haven't really gotten much of an update. Everyday I'm looking at the NBA injury report and it's day to day, questionable, ultimately to be ruled out. So what are we to take from that?

- Why haven't we found anything? What are we doing?

DAN TITUS: Suns GM James Jones did say that Chris Paul is progressing well and that he wouldn't return to the court until he's 100% healthy. They're playing the long game. So as a fantasy manager what are you really to do? Do you trade them? Do you keep them?

- Sitting there and they panicking. They're screaming sell, sell.

DAN TITUS: Personally, I'm keeping him. Mainly because I think that he might be close, but we don't know what that timetable means. We know that the Phoenix Suns are one of the best teams in the Western Conference. Devin Booker is playing like an all NBA player, but do you want to sell him now?

- Maybe, maybe not.

DAN TITUS: The best thing that I've seen him getting right now is really Killian Hayes, which could be solid if Cade Cunningham ends up not playing for the rest of the season. But do you want to risk that? I don't know. Chris Paul's numbers were down even before that. He was among the league leaders in assists, and you know that the steals potential is always there. So I think you have to wait this out. Much like fantasy managers that had Kawhi Leonard, you waited, now he's back in the lineup. I think fantasy managers should be patient and do the same with the all-star point guard.

- Well, you got me convinced whatever the reason may be.

DAN TITUS: And to close out the show I'm going to talk about which players you can find most often on the top fantasy teams in head to head leagues this season. I'm going to call this The Incredibles. So the first player that's most rostered on the best teams in fantasy is Anthony Davis, followed by SGA, Kelly Olynyk, Lauri Markkanen, Bol Bol, Brook Lopez, Anfernee Simons, Jalen Brunson, Kevin Durant, and Stephen Curry. But most interesting of this bunch, I want to talk about Kelly Olynyk, Bol Bol, and Brook Lopez. So Kelly Olynyk currently 56th and per game value, is pretty much been the model of efficiency this year, shooting 56% from the field, 47% from three, and 80% from the free throw line. But he also gives you stocks.

- Incredible.

DAN TITUS: And Bol Bol, 13 points, eight rebounds, two stocks, and he's shooting 60% from the field. Similar theme, Brook Lopez 13th overall, and he's getting three blocks per game, 2.43 pointers. These are all big men in fantasy that are providing not only efficiency, but stocks upside and 3 pointers.

- This guy's good.

- Yeah.

- He's good.

DAN TITUS: Those are very rare things that you're getting even in a modern NBA that shoots more 3 pointers. These guys are doing it at an efficient rate, but they're also giving you the defensive stats that you need to compete. Until next time, see you on Tip Off with Titus.