Bolivia’s second-largest lake disappears

Bolivia’s second-largest lake has disappeared

Location: Lake Poopo, Bolivia

Lake Poopo once lapped the shores of the island of Isla de Panza

But it dried up in 2015


"The water of Lake Poopo would start here. We would arrive from the Untavi community by boat with all my children. The water would reach here and we would leave the boat here. Then my children would say,"Let's go home," and they would run to my home."

Scientists say the lake fell victim to decades of diversion for irrigation needs

with an increasingly warm climate has making its recovery unlikely


"Every 50 years Lake Poopo would fill up, that's what our grandparents said. It would have been 50 years in 2026, since Lake Poopo was in a good state. Now we are waiting for 2026. Will the lake fill again? With this climate change and pollution, it seems to me that the weather can no longer be predicted. In our Aymara language it is said that, "Our mother Earth is tired". That's what grandparents had said."

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