Bomb cyclone: Extreme snow storm hits central US with millions in 'bombogenesis' path

Clark Mindock

A strong winter storm has brought snow, flood threats, and high winds to parts of central US today.

The blizzard is being referred to as a ‘bomb cyclone’ — or bombogenesis — due to a sharp drop in pressure over a short period of time.

Areas from Texas through to Colorado, the Dakotas and Minnesota are expected to be hit the hardest.

The winds are expected to reach speeds of 100mph in some parts of the impacted areas.

As the storm conditions descended upon the central US, residents tweeted of the cold conditions and the accumulating snow that closed schools down in some cities, while delaying start times in others.

The storm comes as winter is wrapping up, with may parts of the country already beginning to see the weather turning towards warmer temperatures.

But, while conditions have been warming across the US, some 70 million people were expected to be hit by the harsh winter weather provided by the bomb cyclone.

Take a look below for our coverage of the storm as it descended upon the US.

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