Bomb Investigation Leads To Arrest In Tracy

A man allegedly walked inside of a Valero gas station store, claiming he had a bomb. He was arrested. Authorities allegedly found bomb-making materials in his vehicle.

Video Transcript

- Breaking news, a stockpile of explosives discovered after a man walks into a San Joaquin County convenience store holding a pipe bomb. It all unfolded at the Valero Gas Station on Mountain House Parkway in Tracy.

- Here's what we know. This all started when deputies say the man called 911 around 5:30 to say he had a bomb. Deputies arrived to see him walking into the Valero store with that pipe bomb. He was arrested at gunpoint, the bomb taken away. Investigators then found another device behind a nearby Taquaria. Then deputies moved on to search his car which was parked in front of a fuel tank. Our cameras captured deputies stripping that car. Investigators not giving an exact number, but say they've recovered several explosive devices. The car has been towed from the scene, nobody was hurt, and again, the suspect is now in custody.