Bombs, Shahed drones, and missiles pound Ukraine overnight, says air force

Russia massively attacked Ukraine on the night of March 24
Russia massively attacked Ukraine on the night of March 24

Two Kh-59 missiles were intercepted over Odesa Oblast, he said.

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Besides, about ten Su-35 fighter jets attacked Sumy Oblast with over ten guided aircraft bombs.

"It's a huge threat, as guided aircraft bombs, winged bombs, can fly for a long way, meanwhile the aircraft stay beyond the range of our air defenses," Ihnat said.

Russian troops also launched a Kh-31 anti-radar missile – a type of missile designed to home in on and destroy air defense systems.

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In Kryvyy Rih in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast five Iranian-made Shahed drones hit "some facilities" overnight. One drone was intercepted.

No casualties from the attack were reported, regional governor Serhiy Lysak reported on Telegram.

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